Perfect roof for my pergola!

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16mm Polycarbonate Multiwall, Bronze - Plas-Tech Inc.

We were in search for a thin but strong material to cover my pergola. We were looking for something that would provide some shade while still letting some light through, provide shelter from rain, and look great. The 16mm bronze polycarbonate multiwall roof system was the perfect product for the job. Jeanette from Plas-Tech Inc. was very helpful and informative and provided me great customer service throughout the entire experience. This is a great DIY roof product. I was able to install it myself in one afternoon. We are very happy with the outcome and look forward to enjoying a glass of wine under the pergola on a rainy day!


Michael Mazza, July 2016, Vaughan, Ontario

Level 2 (XP: 350)
last year
What a beautiful application! We love how the bronze finish compliments the wood pergola and the red brick. Can't help but admire the combination of design and efficiency that multi-wall has to offer. Thank you for the submission Michael and your kind words!