Cottage Facelift - New Sunroom Plastic Panel Roof

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Thank you, Plas-Tech, for giving our new cottage a facelift!


The cottage didn’t have a picture of the front in the real estate listing, and no wonder.  The leaking sunroom was roofed with corrugated plastic from 1980. Our contractor suggested Plas-Tech because he was impressed with your online presence and evident quality. I researched a number of alternatives, but kept coming back to Plas-Tech.  My contractor installed it for me, a first time for him.  He reduced the cost of the install from his quote, because he found the product to be so easy to work with!


The before and after pictures say it all. I would definitely use this product again and would have a go at installing it myself.  The dangerous height and slope of the cottage grounds required that we use an expert, but on level ground a DIY install would be a cinch.